Carpet Cleaning Diy To Save You Money

There are many home services that cost a lot to get done professionally – yet, surprisingly, are easy to do yourself. The "DIY" lifestyle means that we can save money and hassle by doing almost everything ourselves. It turns out that cleaning your carpets is a great example – it can run you into the thousands of dollars for a professional cleaning, but you can duplicate it for under a hundred dollars – with the same high-quality results.

carpet cleaner for dog urine Although we’d still recommend professional cleaning for antiques and specialty fabrics, cleaning your ordinary pile or berber carpet is simple. If you’re interested in carpet cleaning diy, the first thing you will need is a carpet cleaning machine. These wet vacs retail for hundreds of dollars, but you can rent one for about 20 to 40 dollars.

Also purchase some carpet cleaning solution. You can buy the gallon jugs near the cleaner rental station, but these tend to be a bit expensive. Another option is to pick up some regular carpet cleaning products (the kind that come in a small spray bottle) and dilute them. Normally you would use at least 3 parts water per one part cleaning product.

carpet cleaning sprayFor the ultimate DIYer, it is possible to make your own cleaning solutions. Most depend on a combination of vinegar, baking soda, diluted bleach, and/or detergents. Look online for a specific recipe, but be aware that carpets are so easy to damage or discolor, and carpet cleaning machines may not be suited for a homemade cleaning solution. It is often better to use a purchased cleaning formula instead.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning your carpet. It is often a good idea to pretreat (spray) set-in stains and really grungy areas. Let the pretreated areas sit for at least an hour or two before going over them with the carpet cleaning machine. Keep in mind that according to many carpet cleaning recommendations, it might make sense to go over all areas at least twice.

After you have completed your carpet cleaning diy job, you want to make sure your carpet dries thoroughly to prevent pile crushing and mold and mildew formation. Leave the windows and doors open for a few hours or overnight, if possible. When your carpet cleaning diy job is done, sit back and count all the money you’ve saved!

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By Stephanie Smith
Published: 10/29/2007

how to clean carpet stains

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