Combination Wet And Dry Carpet Cleaners

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Nowadays the workshop is not the only place you will find a wet and dry carpet cleaner combination. As time has come and gone, technology continues to improve and now the screeching noises we remember so fondly are no longer associated with the sound of carpet cleaners.

Before you purchase a wet and dry combination carpet cleaner be sure to know some of the details regarding the vacuum. Wet and dry carpet cleaners come in different sizes as well as horsepowers that range between six to twenty-two gallons and one and a half to ten and half gallons. Throughout this article you will see how you can determine what capacity limit you should purchase to meet your basic needs.

chem dry carpet cleaning houston texas In order to handle easy and quick cleanup jobs such as spills, the wall mount vacuum cleaner has one and a half horsepower as well as a one-gallon tank that would be perfect for the job. This type of vacuum can be nicely and neatly hung on the wall so that it isn’t in your way all of the time.

In order to take care of those smaller jobs, you may want to consider the six gallon vacuum cleaner which is ideal for this type of job and besides, they are extremely easy to store and manoeuvre than the larger models. However, you should keep in mind that the combination vacuum cleaners that are smaller are also much louder and they are also more prone to falling over. Just remember that the smaller the tank is, the more that you are going to have to stop and empty it.

In the event that you have a garage or workshop, the higher capacity models are being recommended because of the larger spills that occur. When you have a large capacity tank, it will decrease the actual number of times that you are going to have to empty the tank.

Individual needs will be the determining factor when purchasing the best combination carpet cleaner. The following features and benefits will help you to make your final decision:

There is a reusable filter that is rinsed when it is cleaned and has a larger area for filtration then the flat filter. This type is referred to as a Pleated Cartridge Filter. When switching from wet to dry vacuum, these filters do not have to be removed.

Most of the newer carpet cleaners also offer an automatic shut off device. The automatic shut-off device has the ability to automatically shut the motor off after the tank is completely full of water and this is going to prevent it from overflowing.

Something else to consider is that the vacuum cleaner has a wide set of wheels to prevent it from tipping over. Winter, spring, summer or fall the larger carpet cleaners can also be used outdoors because they can be converted into a leaf blower too.

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