Do Portable Deep Carpet Cleaners Work Well?

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs are, whether they are for a small and delicate rug or a commercial sized office space, there is a portable carpet cleaner that can get the job done. It doesn’t matter if you need a machine that will clean spots along the way or one that can hold gallons upon gallons of cleaners there is one out there that can tackle the job you have in mind.

Of course the one thing you want most in your portable carpet cleaning equipment is genuine portability. The irony is that what some people consider portable and what the rest of us find to be easily portable are not always the same thing. My definition moves along the lines of whether or not I can use it without breaking my back in the process. Professional carpet cleaners find those cleaners that can be mounted on the back of a truck and transported to be perfectly portable.

carpet extraction cleaning equipment Everything in life I suppose is subjective. Small jobs that require mere spot cleaning should require nothing that can’t be transported easily in the trunk of a car. Stanley Steamer and other carpet cleaning companies will have equipment, which to them is portable but would never fit into the trunk of my car.

Residential and Commercial Equipment can be moved

Portable cleaning equipment that is generally used for home use is typically a small steam cleaner with a built in extractor. These machines are fairly easy for most people to transport as well as to maneuver enough to clean your house. Some do opt to use two-piece of equipment however–one of which is used for the cleaning of your carpets and the other to extract the water. This is a better way of removing the water and allows the carpet, furniture, or drapes to dry much more quickly thus minimizing the risk of mildew.

Commercial equipment will perform the same functions but are generally built to much more rigorous specifications as they are used day in and out on many jobs along the way. These machines are much larger in size and generally must be transported on larger truck or vans then unloaded for use.

rental carpet cleaners Portability may be subjective but most homeowners prefer the type of portability that can be stored in a closet and out of sight for a time. In addition to scrubbers and extractors, other portable carpet cleaning equipment include blowers (for drying the carpet) and heaters to keep the cleaners nice and steamy throughout the job. These are very helpful tools for large jobs.

Choosing the right equipment for your carpet cleaning needs is very important and often depends entirely on the size and scope of the job you are taking on. The ability of the person doing the job is another mitigating factor that should be considered as well. Check around town and see where you can find the best prices along with a machine that you feel will not break your back or budget in the steam cleaning process.

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By Christopher Smith
Published: 3/30/2007

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