Triiso insulation is a multi-foil insulation product which can go in the roof or in a floor and provide some protection for that particular environment. It’s a fairly innovative new product and there are a number of ways of installing a roll of this particular Item  all of which has to be done as per the manufacturers recommended installation guide a copy of which can be got in the UK from a company called distributor Ltd. When installing this product you need to be careful to ensure that you follow the instructions from Triiso as it is a specialist insulation product and not one you can just stuff in the roof like you can a standard 100mm role of insulation.

As the name suggests the product is on the made up from a number of layers of foil and plastic which effectively keep the heat in and keep the cold out. There are a number of other manufacturers who have rival products within the market the only Triiso meets certain  building regulations that are required to get construction approval. There are a number of places to buy Triiso and only a few do the actual full system and give you the full detailed backup you need when getting the correct insulation of your home.

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