Carpet is always successful at imparting cozy look for an office or a home. Importantly, this carpet is a greatest attraction to dirt, dust, spillage, germs, pet odor and stains.

This is indicating a necessity for proper cleaning of the carpet at least two times in a year. Proper cleaning methods such as carpet cleaner rental machine will impart effective cleaning for a carpet. Today, many offices and homes are using these machines on a constant basis and this is very economical way of obtaining effective carpet cleaning too.

Here, cleaner solutions will play a vital role with these machines in cleaning a carpet. The following are the few tips about the cleaner solutions and you can make your own cost-effective cleaner solution too.

  • Vinegar solution can be used for carpet cleaning. Mix vinegar and water in 1:10 ratio. This solution is good at removing stains, spots from the carpet. The smell of the vinegar will vanish away when the carpet dried after complete washing.
  • Ammonia solution is another choice for this purpose. Here, use same quantity of ammonia that is cleaner machine asks for steaming. Make it sure to keep the doors and windows open while cleaning the carpet with ammonia so as ammonia smell will go away easily.
  • Windex is another choice for this purpose. Mix hot water and Windex of equal quantities. This solution is more effective for carpet cleaning.
  • Make a solution through mixing three table spoons of dish washing liquid, two gallons of clear water and 1/4th cup of ammonia. This solution will work great for carpet cleaning
  • Tide laundry soap and water combination will work effectively for carpet cleaning. This solution is more effective than any other shampoo that is available for carpet cleaning.

All the above mentioned solutions are cost effective and can be prepared easily from home. Importantly, these solutions will not impart any side-effects as it does with chemicals. Also, the mentioned solutions are eco-friendly too. These solutions will be gentle over the carpet and helps to improve the life of the carpet quite significantly.

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